SARMs Centre Lab: SARMs Source Review


Finding good sources which also conveniently service your location is important to avoid getting ripped off or paying too much for your stacks! You don’t want to pay through the roof and have your SARMs cut or confiscated or worse!

In this review we will be putting SARM Centre Lab to the test, to see if they’re worth it for our fellow Canadians and Americans. As the SARMs ban and analogue laws come into effect for the USA, less local sources will become available, your best bet is to order through Canadian, European or more Bigger American Labs. Their distribution is based in Canada, although most of their operations still seem to be run in the US.




Purity Rating: N/A – Test Results Yet to Arrive

Purity test still yet to arrive 🙁



Website Rating: 8/10 – Great!

Looks great! runs very smoothly and loads quite fast! the checkout and ordering process is easy and quick! Payment gateway takes Credit Card, No Paypal or Bitcoin, yet!


Website Security & Technology: 9/10 – Excellent!

  • Runs with SSL, which is a standard these days. Javascript code used in this website is not malicious and runs well without bugs or any major vulnerablites.
  • Payment gateway is secure, Credit Card details are not held on their systems. This is good! it means their Credit Card company handles your payment processing itself, and its a much more safer way to handle card payments as there is no risk of your data being stolen!
  • Hides and Abstracts Database calls in URL and Page Routing. (This feature is highly important, it stops people from being able to hack the website and steal sensitive data)


Customer Service Rating: 7/10 – Good!

Fast Response! Very Helpful with my queries and questions alongside happily giving out deeper knowledge and guidance for their products! this is really good as it seems like they genuinely care about their customers, unlike many other vendors.


Best features this Vendor Offers:

The ability to talk to professionals about SARMs through their clinic and website.

Ease of use and good advice for professional athletes looking to stay healthy while maximizing results.


Things that should be improved or fixed:

  • The addition of a blog or blog posts to the website to update us on what they’re doing in the industry and what their partnered athletes are doing and how they feel about it all.

  • an image slider showing deals or blurbs about what they offer. It would be really great for those who just stumble across the page and only read the first third.

  • Compression of Images to speed up page loading

  • Use of a CDN to improve the website experience

  • A mailing list I can easily sign up for to keep updated with SARMs Centre Lab

Honorable Mentions:

  • Great Graphic design and UI/UX flow for the website, which makes the website look and feel.

    so much nicer than every other Canadian SARMs Vendors, which are mostly very poorly built.

     or designed website can feel scammy or no legitimate to customers. This one feels natural and inviting! well done!

  • Credit Card Payment Gateway!! Yes you can Buy SARMs with a Credit Card again!!

Upon looking for a new partner for our audience in Canada is how I  came across SARMs Centre Lab, after ordering and emailing them about this review, they reached out to me with a free discount code for the readers!

so thanks heaps and hope you all enjoy this SARMs Discount Coupon


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